Exhibition at the Naples Science Canter

September 5th, 2015


At the Naples Science Center (Citta della scienza Napoli), we made an installation with objects collected in Japan, Burkina Faso, and Italy. We did not put captions to the objects in order not to distract viewers’ imagination, and created the exhibition concept sheets and place them in the hall instead.








・It is a section of various stones, displaying valuable, building stone from Burkina Faso, pumice from an eruption of the Mount Vesuvius, and others.


・It is a tool, found at a market in Burkina Faso, and is used for throwing stones to catch birds.


It is a cord, made by a young man in Burkina Faso, and is used for house construction.

It is a section displaying daily objects made with plants such as a bird nest and the grass for pillow from Italy.


・It is a section of food. The top is a kind of worms well liked by people from Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. The middle is the edible worms Guglielmo was given as a gift from his friend. They look like sweets. The bottom is Konbu seaweed from Japan. All are dried products.


・It is a section of daily objects. The top is ladles, made with a plant, and they are used in cooking in Burkina Faso. The middle is a hand-made lemon grater, made with a sardine can by poking many small holes on it. The bottom is bee wax used in various purposes.


・Rare plants (parasites) from Italy is on top and sample tools from the workshop is displayed on the bottom.


Photo : Mariko Tomomasa


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