Citta della scienza - Naples Science Center

 We finished our project in Burkina Faso and moved to Naples, Italy. This is the Naples Science Center where the first “between art and science” took place in 2012 and 2013. It is a huge complex, reutilizing old chemical factories in the industrial area along the bay of Naples. The visitors from Italy as well as the neighboring European countries visit the center and learn science through hands-on experiences.


 However, the complex was set on fire and destroyed by someone one week after the first “between art and science” project was finished. The incident was one of the top news in Italy for a while but the criminal has not been found yet.





 The staff at the center have been trying their best to reconstruct the museum. We wanted to support them somehow. Thus we decided to have the project in Burkina Faso tour to the center this time with a hope that both they as specialists in biology and we as artists could gain large stimulation and influence from each other.

 The project does not only tour but its content also changes and grows according to the place, environment, and people. At first, we climbed the Mount Faito on the Sorrent Peninsula for the nature observation and brainstorming with Guglielmo Maglio, a biologist and the chief curator at the Naples Science Center. Guglielmo knows everything about the area as if he knows every plant, creature, climate, and legend.


Photo : Naho Yokoya


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