Lecture of Chikako Ueno

Lecture of Chikako Ueno

August 13, Wednesday, Afternoon

Chikako Ueno, a project member and a researcher of cultural anthropology focusing on dances, held a lecture. Firstly she explained how the traditional western African musical instruments were introduced in the Japanese high school textbooks. Then she introduced a Japanese traditional dance festival, Otaueodori, with its deep connection to agriculture. She showed a footage of Otaueodori took place in July, 2014.


Ueno’s lecture inspired the center staff to talk about the traditional dances rooted in Burkina Faso, and we ended up dancing outside the conference room. Music and dance are tightly connected to people’s life in Burkina Faso and they are fundamental parts of their culture.


(Photo by Mariko Tomomasa, Naho Yokoya)


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