Between art and science

01 Outline of the project ======

Between art and science 2014 consists of the following programs;

•Research and fieldwork




•Production of an illustrated reference book

•Presentation of the illustrated reference book


Venues : Centre de Recherche-action, de Formation et d’ Éducation Environnementale pour le Développement in Orodara, Burkina Faso, Citta' della Scienza and Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, in Naples, Italy

Period: 20.08.2014, Wednesday - 20.09.2014, Saturday

02 About the project ====== Making an one-off illustrated reference book in the world

Between art and science starts from collecting stories of specific indigenous culture, nature, legends, and develops the collected stories and materials into exhibitions and an illustrated reference book. The project challenges to cross diverse academic fields such as science, anthropology, and history while having art as its base.

We focus on unique creatures, passed down legends, daily customs, and histories of an each selected place. Together with specialists from the different backgrounds, we scoop up matters that may disappear any time otherwise. They are unnoticed, nameless, yet quietly surviving creatures such as moss, grass, insects, and stories only locals know and legends that are passed down secretly. These discreet, unrecorded stories will be delivered to all kinds of people in different countries as a beautifully bounded illustrated reference book. We make exhibitions and hold events in accordance with the book. 03 Aim for the project part 2 ====== Developing further from what we accomplished in the project part 1

The location of Between art and science 2014 has been decided in Burkina Faso. We expect vibrant international cultural exchanges between Japan and Burkina Faso to develop. We will collaborate with local specialists including Professor Boureima Ouedraogo, a professor at University of Ouagadougou and the President of NPO organization, CeRaFoD - Centre de Recherche-action, de Formation et d’Education Environnementale pour le Developpement.

Having CeRaFoD - Centre de Recherche-action, de Formation et d’Education Environnementale pour le Developpement, in Orodara, Burkina Faso and Citta' della Scienza, in Naples, Italy, as our project bases, we will hold exhibitions, workshops, and lectures in August and September, 2014. All the activities will be collected into a book and it will be published in January, 2015 (planned.)

We will inform the updates on the blog. 04 Between art and science executive committee=====

Naho Yokoya (Artist/ Founder and leader of the project) *participated since 2012

Shiho Hattori (Cultural Anthropologist / In charge of writing and coordination) *participated since 2012

Guglielmo Maglio (Chief Curator at Citta’ della Scienza and Researcher at Biology Department of Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II / In charge of writing and production) *participated since 2012

Aki Nagasaka (Artist / In charge of production of exhibitions, translation, and coordination) *participated since 2014

Mariko Tomomasa (Artist / In charge of workshops, website, and organization) *participated since 2014

Chikako Ueno(Researcher of dances / In charge of lecture and writing) *participated since 2014

05 Grants and Support for 2014 ====== Grants: Japan Foundation      Pola Art Foundation EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Support: Embassy of Burkina Faso in Japan



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